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  5. summer time sucks; i don’t get to see friends or hangout at places i really enjoy being at; i want to go to frank and son’s; i want to go to HSI; i want to go to KKC; there’s so much to want, but unfortunately im stuck in norcal, where there is little-to-no decent tcg community

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    Maki is the so far ahead the rest of these girls, it isn’t even fair.  

    lol dipshit still believes in santa, I’m lmaoing at her life

  7. Anonymous said: How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

    5’10ish and 110ish lbs? idk i haven’t measured in SUPER long haha

  8. think more, read more, listen more

  9. Anonymous said: If you don't hate anyone from high school, then why did you block some people on facebook?

    the people i blocked on facebook were from back in high school and i kinda forgot about the fact that i DID block them (haha oops); the reason for this being that i rarely even block people at all; it kinda gets to the point that i forget the option exists :P

    the reason behind blocking them was probably due to a one-time disagreement that we had, so my apologies for forgetting

  10. Anonymous said: Do you hate anyone from high school?

    high school? not really; there’s plenty of people i would rather not talk to anymore/interact with, but i don’t hate them