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  2. Anonymous said: If you don't hate anyone from high school, then why did you block some people on facebook?

    the people i blocked on facebook were from back in high school and i kinda forgot about the fact that i DID block them (haha oops); the reason for this being that i rarely even block people at all; it kinda gets to the point that i forget the option exists :P

    the reason behind blocking them was probably due to a one-time disagreement that we had, so my apologies for forgetting

  3. Anonymous said: Do you hate anyone from high school?

    high school? not really; there’s plenty of people i would rather not talk to anymore/interact with, but i don’t hate them

  4. Anonymous said: Do you hate anyone?

    i find hate to be a very strong word; it is also an emotion that i don’t have much experience with; the most i would do is “greatly dislike” someone for a certain period of time; sure, i’ll SAY i hate someone, but usually you’ll find me happily chatting away with said person the very next day

    TL;DR: not really l0l

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Omg look, Kirito and Asuna are married in ALO
    Omg look, Kirito and Asuna are married in ALO

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This is misleading


    This is misleading