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  2. let me set the scene for you: its 5 AM and i’m feeling a bit bored; tired as well, but despite that, i queue up for an aram; so we end up getting an alistar, amumu, nami, soraka, irelia; a super tanky, heal-y team that will work well in lane game if you ask me; our alistar seems to have other plans though as he constantly is looking for opportunities to go in and miss his W-Q combo before melting in 2 seconds; do note, this was predominantly pre-6; post-6, however, he just melted slower and the poor decision making still afflicted his brain; said alistar continued to talk shit about us all game: “why don’t you go for corki” [maybe because there’s a million threats to deal with? idk maybe maokai front line with yasuo, ahri, diana jumping in isn’t that big of a deal, MY BAD] “why don’t you hit the yasuo when he’s low” [well it would be much easier if he wasn’t dashing around the minion waves the whole time] “fucking kill one of them they’re all low” [well if you weren’t always facing the gray screen, maybe you would be able to help us get some decent initiation off; oh wait…] and don’t even get me started on this guy’s build: trinity force, lucidity, statik shiv(?), frozen heart, crit cloak, pickaxe (parts of IE?)

    but enough of that: clearly this alistar has some serious issues; like what the actual fuck are you doing getting so mad over the game for; if anything, its your own fault for going in like that without telling us what you’re doing; what are you so mad about that you end up bitching at the whole team so unreasonably for? PLUS you’re a measly silver; dear god some parts of the community confuse the hell out of me; kid started in s4 since he had no profile border for s3; and here i am with my s1 account just wondering how the hell this community fucked up into creating retards like this alistar

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    super cute Love Live wallpapers for your smartphones~! 


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    That’s it

    That’s the show

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